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Welcome to the Hysland Store

Hysland is a new and innovative minigames network for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

With the continuous expansion of our friendly and inclusive community, Hysland is the ideal network to establish new friendships in-game or on our Discord. Compete against each other in our wide variety of minigames. Whether you want to dominate the leaderboards, play occasionally or battle with friends, Hysland is the Network for everyone!

At Hysland, we put the community first. We listen to your feedback to further improve and develop the network. Purchasing is not necessary to enjoy playing on Hysland but your support for the development of the network is appreciated.

All packages in our store offer exclusive perks and cosmetic abilities. However, we believe in fair play for everyone so nothing here will give an advantage to dominate in-game. A list of the perks and cosmetic abilities can be found in the description of each package.

Here on the store we only support payments with PayPal, the most trusted online payment method. The usage of debit, Visa and MasterCard can be used through PayPal.


If you have any issues occur please contact us at:

We'll be quick to resolve your issue.

For any queries about the Hysland store please ask us on the Hysland discord. Alternatively, ask at:

Please note that once a package is received in-game it is not refundable.